Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Thought I'd give everyone a heads-up about a poetry event to kick off National Poetry Month here in Colorado Springs:

To launch April as National Poetry Month, Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Jim Ciletti will host an All City All Voices poetry event at 6:30, Monday evening April 2, in the Carnegie Room of the Penrose Library downtown. "We will release the new version of Poetry While You Wait and have readings from many of the PWYW poets. We will also hold our first ever multi-cultural bi-lingual poetry event. We have many nationalities and ethnic communities in the Pikes Peak region . This All Voices poetry event is an opportunity for everyone to share and celebrate their particular ethnicity and cultural roots. For example, I will share poems in both Italian and English. So, whether you speak an Asian Pacific language, Native American, have African American roots, German, Nordic, Hispanic, Russian, Middle Eastern, etc etc, this is your invitation to share poems in both your ethnic language and English. Everyone is welcome," Ciletti said. Reservations to perform are not necessary but Jim would like your RSVP to read at or 634-2367.

To support and celebrate our multi-cultural community the latest version of Poetry While You Wait also has poems in several language.
The Poetry While You Wait booklet originated with Emeritus Poet Laureate, Aaron Anstett and is filled with poems by residents of the Pikes Peak region. PWYW will be placed as a free reading copy in public places where we "wait," like doctors' and dentist's offices, the car repair store, tire store, DMV, etc. Free copies of PWYW will be available at the All City reading.

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