Monday, January 2, 2012


I forgot to mention something in my blog post yesterday. I currently have available seats in my English 227 (Poetry Writing) class at PPCC this spring. Enrollment is still open, and I'd love for those of you who are interested-- in Colorado only, though, as it's a face-to-face class-- to register, or spread the word to those of your writing friends who might enjoy the class. Honestly, I think the study of poetry is educational for any student or intellectual, so even if you write primarily fiction or nonfiction, try it out.

This class meets at the Centennial campus, Monday nights from 5:30 till 8. We'll be completing one rhetorical analysis, tons of writing exercises and prompts, and several workshop sessions. Hope you can join!

Abby E Murray
CSWRS Coordinator

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here's an announcement before I get to the photos from last month's reading. At 7:30pm on Friday, January 13th, the CSWRS event will have a guest host, as I will be out of town for that particular weekend. (And I will be purchasing a very large, very obnoxious daily planner so this double-scheduling doesn't happen again.)

Janele Johnson, chair of the literature department at PPCC, will be stepping in for me. You might remember her from March 2011, when she presented her poetry as a featured author. She's basically awesome. Books will still be sold at the book table, we'll still be in the BAC main gallery, and there will still be a suggested donation of $2/person to pay for venue costs. Remember to support the BAC by purchasing a drink at the bar! Feel free to email me with any questions at, or leave a comment here on the blog.

The January event will resume our regular format of ten Open Mic readers (3-5 minutes each), a short intermission, and our featured guest, Greenwoman Zine editor and publisher Sandra Knauf. I first learned about Sandra's writing through this article in The Gazette. I'm sad that I'll miss her reading, but I know each of you will enjoy it. Nonfiction buffs, gardeners, and those who find inspiration in nature should make sure they don't miss this one!

Okay. So December's reading was fantastic. We had a great turnout, and the rich artwork lining the walls of the BAC seemed to envelop everyone in attendance. Books by past featured authors were sold, and peppermint cookies were consumed.

Oh. And did I mention that we had three fabulous writers share their work?

Michael Ferguson, a regular Open Mic contributor
and student of writing at UCCS, shared a fiction piece exposing
the complex relationships between brothers and fathers.

M.R. Hyde (of the blog I frequent, HydeWords) read a holiday story that had
everyone rolling. ReeAnn "does the voices" of her characters - something
I've always admired about hearing her written work!

Tim Christian, another writer who reads his characters so perfectly
well aloud, had copies of his first novel (The Strange and Thrilling
Adventures of James Charles Fogarty) for sale, and more copies
will be available at future readings.

My thanks to those who read during our shortened Open Mic session. It was another successful night for the creative writing that flourishes in Colorado Springs.

Enjoy January's reading!

Abby E Murray
CSWRS Coordinator