Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, our July event seemed to go off without a hitch! We had writers from varying genres stand up to read for the Open Mic section, some new faces in the crowd, and Cicily Janus' reading from her new book The New Face of Jazz was (seriously) fantastic. Everyone left the room feeling inspired, including me, and I felt the overwhelming sensation of a community coming together for the sake of creativity.

No new blogs to report, so I'm just posting the ones we already have and want to keep an eye on for new work:

I now have an email list started up for this series. We may be moving to a new venue soon, and I want to be able to let everyone know beforehand. Look out for emails from cswritersreading@gmail.com!

Hope to see you all again on August 20th, at our next event! (Featured reader TBA.) Thanks for coming!

Cicily Janus reading from The New Face of Jazz