Thursday, July 21, 2011


On July 8th, Donita K. Paul showcased an excerpt from her fantastic YA novel, Dragonspell, the first in the Dragon Keeper Chronicles. The series has moved forward into several novels since its publication in 2004, and Donita has recently expanded her writing adventures into the realm of children's books.

Actually, I purchased a copy of The Dragon and the Turtle (co-written with Donita's daughter Evangeline Denmark) for my four-year-old niece in Washington state, and I've been informed that she was over the moon about it-- and is sending me some hand-drawn pictures in thanks. The storylines of Donita's books are each full of whimsy, as well as the practicality that comes from an imagined character's voice. I've been told that many people who attended that Friday's reading enjoyed most Ms. Paul's eagerness to connect with the crowd, answer questions about everything from plot to publishing, and, of course, the Open Mic participants that kicked off the evening.

Next month, CSWRS will be hosting fiction writer Lynne Bryant, whose debut novel, Catfish Alley, was published in April of this year. Lynne has popped up on our Open Mic list before, and it's going to be a delight to hear her read with a publication under her belt. The Southern Literary Review has said of Catfish Alley, "[it] brims with humor and pathos in equal parts, with realistic, three-dimensional characters sure to delight and intrigue from the start. Of all the novels set in the South, Lynne Bryant's debut novel deserves an honored place on any bookshelf."

I hope to see you all on Friday, August 12th, at 7:30 in the BAC in Manitou. August, like July, will take place in Venue 515 (515 Manitou Avenue) due to an exhibit in the BAC's main gallery. Remember to support the authors by buying books at the book table, and support the BAC by purchasing wine and soda at the bar!

See you in August!

CSWRS Coordinator

Friday, July 8, 2011

quick change!

Just a tiny update: tonight's reading with Donita K. Paul will be hosted in the building next door to the BAC's main gallery, in Venue 515. We'll have signs up on both doors, so you should be able to find your way.

See you tonight!

Abby E. Murray
CSWRS Coordinator

Monday, July 4, 2011


Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting poet Juliana Aragon Fatula at the CSWRS's new venue, the main building of the Business of Arts Center in Manitou Springs. Juliana's poems were electric, filling the room and our minds with everything from the sassy to the aromatic. Her poetic voice spread a blanket beneath what brings family together in writing, in history - food, competition, politics, loss, mystery.

I think, as I sat back at the book table, the audience was captivated by both Juliana's poems and her dramatic energy; the surge of intensity in her writing is equally met by her ability to perform and engage. If anyone has the opportunity to hear Juliana read in the future, I say jump on it! Hailing from Cañon City, she has participated in CSWRS as well as the Southern Colorado Reading Series (sponsored by CSU-Pueblo).

(Juliana enchants the crowd in the center of the BAC's gallery)

This Friday, July 8th, CSWRS will be hosting author Donita K. Paul. Her credits include both the Dragonkeeper Chronicles and the Chiril Chronicles, as well as the new children's book The Dragon and the Turtle. She's a weaver of fantasy stories, and I'm really looking forward to hearing her work in a couple days.

Bring a friend and come early to wander around the BAC's gallery space beforehand. Also, remember that we have some great titles for sale at great prices:

(our book table, with titles from yours truly as well as Lynn Wagner, Laura Feldman, Jessy Randall, Juan Morales, and more!)

I'll see you all on Friday the 8th, at 7:30pm, at 513 Manitou Avenue. Looking forward to it!

Abby E. Murray
CSWRS Coordinator