Friday, September 9, 2011


Tonight, at 7:30pm, the Colorado Springs Writers Reading Series will host featured reader George Drew. We'll also have an Open Mic session to kick things off, with the usual limit of ten readers maximum, each allowed 3-5 minutes of prose or poetry reading.

If you're new to the Open Mic thing, I'll have more copies of a handy insight available-- just something I typed up a couple months ago regarding a few tips for every reader. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of students, new writers, lovers of lit, and local writers tonight!

One more thing: I think I'm going to retire the blog sign up list, as I just don't have room on the book table anymore! Too many good books for sale! So, here's a re-cap of all the blogs of writers in our area. Check them out and leave comments!

Tom Preble:
Marie Ostarello:
Julianza Shavin:
Dan Gardner:
Joseph Uphoff:
M.R. Hyde:
Amanda Coburn:
Debbie Maxwell Allen:
Angela Giles Klocke:

Have fun with each other's work, guys. Stay connected and support each other! I'll see you all this evening at the BAC - 513 Manitou Avenue.

Abby E. Murray
CSWRS Coordinator

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