Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well, if you missed this past Friday's reading, you have my sympathy.

And for those of you who made it, thank you for you participation, engagement, and rapt attention as Jane Hilberry transported us from the cozy stone basement of Black Cat Books to long-lost childhood neighborhoods and the crackling fire of feminine wit and beauty. Jane's book, Body Painting, is still sitting on my table as I write this, dogeared on several pages.

I'm including a link to purchasing her book here, if you'd like to buy it. (Hopefully the link works!) Remember, we have books for sale at these readings to support these authors.

I'll see you October 15th (7:30pm, 720 Manitou Avenue) for our next reading!

CSWRS Coordinator

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  1. wish I were going to be there to see Jane! Abby, it was wonderful to meet you at the Author Fest ... thanks for all you're doing to broaden the big conversation. Still thinking about your cyclops ...