Saturday, August 21, 2010

...and fun was had by all!

A big thank you to everyone who made it out to last night's reading in Manitou-- especially the ones who had standing room only! Jenn Koiter pretty much blew us out of the water with her poetry, which seemed to lighten our loads and end our weeks with some much-needed laughter.

Next month's reading is scheduled for Friday, September 17th, at 7:30pm. Same place, Black Cat Books in Manitou, and hopefully parking won't be so crazy without the marathoners in the neighborhood! I think we might have a crowd of students at September's reading, considering the awesome extra credit power these events hold in college classrooms, so get there early. And if you're a writer, bring some work to read for Open Mic!

Here are a couple pictures from last night.

Jenn Koiter, poet, behind the podium-disguised-as-music-stand.

The crowd, which, although cozy, enjoyed the browsing, the wine, and the intimacy that Black Cat Books provides. Thank you, Natalie! We support our indy bookshops!

Tim Christian, who, as usual, delights us during Open Mic with his fiction.

Hopefully I'll see you as well as more new faces next month! This reading was a total success, in my book, and I can't wait for what happens next.


CSWRS Coordinator



  1. What a fun evening! Good poets, good food, good wine and friendly people. I will be back in September with some of my own poetry to read. Great job of putting this together.

  2. thanks al! it was great to meet you.