Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hi everyone!

(REMINDER: NEXT READING IS MAY 21, 2010, AT 7:30PM. Location still TBD.)

Thanks so much to everyone who attended last night's reading at Inner Space. What a success! The venue, although not wine-and-beverage-friendly, was cozy and beautiful and had great sound. The open mic readers were sharing some fantastic bits of writing, and Deidre Schoolcraft's novel excerpt was, as promised, right to the point; it kept everyone listening for more.

I'm going to post some pictures, but first I wanted to list the writers' blogs left on the sign up sheet. These are the addresses where you can find more creative work by authors attending last night's reading:

Debbie Allen's work can be found at:

Angela Giles Klocke's work can be found at:

My own work can be found at:

Also, thanks to those who bought a copy of my book, Me and Coyote. If you're still interested, leave a comment with your email address and I'll get in touch with you. I still have seventy-six copies in my dining room, and they all need homes!

Now, for some pictures!

The crowd, deep in thought.

Me going over the reading format at the beginning. See, a beautiful room, no?

Tim Christian reading a short story for Open Mic.

Deidre Schoolcraft, our featured reader and author of Migratory Birds.

And a more artistic shot: here we have Audrey Birkett, composition and Shakespeare instructor, explaining the finer points of Tibetan art to the strange stuffed Emu that lives in the Inner Space studio.

Thanks again everybody! I'll be posting more updates soon...


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  1. How do I get a copy of Schoolcraft's book Migratory Birds?